SD64 Resources

The following link is to a resource page set up by the school district and is rich with resources for you and your family. Click here to access SD64 resources

Learning Through Play: 101 Ways To Keep Young Minds Occupied At Home

The following is a taste from Parents, right off the bat, let me say that there is no right way to be feeling about the current situation. Relief, anxiety, excitement, dread are all normal. We’re all figuring this out as we go along and doing the best we can. Virtual high-five! This is not […]

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid As you think about self-care keep in mind that if you are feeling more stress when trying to achieve or do and activity that is meant for self-care then it might not actually be supporting self-care.  At a time when we are facing something completely new to us and the impact […]

Self-compassion: video series

“When we see a friend (or even a stranger) in crisis or pain, most of us are pretty good at extending our compassion. But when we’re having a hard time in our own lives, too often we neglect to give that same kindness to ourselves. What are we missing in these moments? Self-compassion. This often-overlooked skill […]

“Confident Parents, Thriving Kids”

“Confident Parents, Thriving Kids” Confident Parents: Thriving Kids has two program streams to help parents support their children aged 3-12 to manage either anxiety or behaviour challenges. Services are by phone and are free to all residents of British Columbia. Find out more, here. The following link is from the Triple P Parenting Program offering a […]