SD64 Resources

The following link is to a resource page set up by the school district and is rich with resources for you and your family. Click here to access SD64 resources

“Confident Parents, Thriving Kids”

“Confident Parents, Thriving Kids” Confident Parents: Thriving Kids has two program streams to help parents support their children aged 3-12 to manage either anxiety or behaviour challenges. Services are by phone and are free to all residents of British Columbia. Find out more, here. The following link is from the Triple P Parenting Program offering a […]

PBS, family friendly

PBS, family friendly PBS is a family friendly link that you can access at any time to get updated thoughts or support as you and your family learn to manage through this Pandemic: How to Tak to Your Kids About Coronavirus How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus

Emotional Resilience Building for Kids 8+

“Experts are suggesting that parents should be cautious about exposing young children to overwhelming COVID-19 information and images. Young children should not watch television and news reports about COVID-19 deaths, numbers, hospital scenes, etc. Such daily and hourly reports are frightening especially to younger children because they cannot fully make sense of what is happening, […]