What Can be Recycled

What You Can Recycle at the Depot

Recycling Center on Salt Spring Island

Please NOTE: During COVID-19 Pandemic – We are accepting all the usual materials with the exception of scrap metal and large appliances at this time.

The Book Exchange is closed during the pandemic and books are not accepted in recycling in any form.  Please do not rip pages from books and add to paper.


Aluminium cans: We appreciate your donations of pop and beer cans – collected in plastic bags in front of the “tin can” bin – Thank you!

Batteries: Household, automotive and marine batteries accepted.

Car and light truck tires as well as bicycle tires: No charge up to 16.5″(larger tires at a fee). Rims are not accepted.

Cardboard: Flattened, cereal boxes, paper bags, all cardboard except boxes coated with wax (these are usually produce boxes).

Cell phones: We now accept used cell phones and accessories.

Casette tapes: Please hand to attendant.

CFLs & fluorscent tubes: These are hazardous materials containing mercury therefore only accept unbroken. Please hand to attendant.

DVD and CDs: Please hand to attendant – cases can be included.

Corks: Please put corks from wine bottles etc. in the container provided.

Clothing / Textiles:  All clothing and textiles including purses, shoes, belts, drapes etc.

Electronics: All electronics including: televisions, computers, printers, cables, keyboards, steroes and telephones and electronic media.

Glass bottles and jars: No window glass, no drinking glasses, no light bulbs, no ceramics, no mirrors.

Glass beverage bottles: Wine, liquor, juice and milk bottles are collected in a separate bin next to the “glass bottles and jars” bin.

Inkjet & Toner cartridges: Accepted

Light Bulbs:  All light bulbs and fixtures are accepted at the depot. Please hand all light bulbs to attendant.

Paint: Leftover household paint in original, labelled cans, spray paint cans, and empty paint cans. Please check with staff as we get penalised for non-program materials.

Paper: Old newspapers and other paper such as office paper, magazines, junk mail, phone books – no kleenex, no carbon paper, no multi-layered material, no tetra-paks, no milk cartons and no contents of bathroom waste containers please.

Pesticides, poisons and flammable liquids: Please check with staff as there are some restrictions.

Plastic bags: Please ensure plastic bags are clean, no cellophane, vinyl bags. If unsure please check with staff.

Plastic beverage containers: Again we thank you for donating returnables. We do get the full deposit, which is part of our operating budget.

Plastic containers and lids: including yogurt and margarine tubs. No styrofoam or motor oil containers.

Smoke alarms & carbon monoxide alarms: These contain radioactive material and can only be accepted intact.

Styrofoam: We accept CLEAN, packing material – no insulation. Meat trays must be washed and clean. No “peanuts” please.

Tetra-paks: Milk cartons, aseptic juice boxes, all gable-top cartons – collected in two categories – juice, non-juice .

Thermostats: We accept mercury type thermostats – only intact and untampered.

Tin cans: Cans, foil, spray cans (except paint).

Video Tape casettes complete with cases or boxes:  Please hand to attendant.