COVID-19 Financial Relief Navigator

  The Financial Relief Navigator is provided to help Canadians learn about all of the money supports that they can get during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information and resources provided are based on what federal, provincial and territorial governments have shared publicly to support Canadians in these difficult times. You will also find information on other […]

Do a Mental Health Check-In Online with CMHA

Welcome to your Mental Health Check-In The Mental Health Check In designed to help youth and adults take a look at their mental health and wellness in light of covid-19. The check-in on is a brief tool to get you to quickly reflect on a few areas of your mental, physical and social well-being. In […]

(FREE ONLINE EVENT): Staying Sane at Home with Kids, on May 20th with Dr. MacNamara

Dr. MacNamara From our child’s tantrums, resistance, playtime, to their questions of “what are we going to do today?” staying at home with kids has never been so ‘interesting.’ Come join Dr. MacNamara as we discuss the new realities of caring for our kids and how to help them with their emotions, while trying to […]

Experiencing stress, anxiety and uncertainity during the pandemic? Here to help: BCPA COVID-19 Psychological First Aid Service

The BCPA COVID-19 Psychological First Aid Service is designed to help any BC resident aged 19+ who is experiencing stress, anxiety, or uncertainty due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Please read more about the service by clicking the link below, and note this is not the same as the crisis line. BCPA COVID-19 Psychological First […]

Summary of Government Financial Report, Helping Families and Individuals

Here is a summary of the financial report put out by the government highlighting the financial supports in place to help families and individuals through this time; Download a copy here: Summary of Financial Supports or view below SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL SUPPORTS HOUSING Support Description How to Access ⚡ BC Hydro Bill deferral, payment plans, as […]

SD64 Resources

The following link is to a resource page set up by the school district and is rich with resources for you and your family. Click here to access SD64 resources

Learning Through Play: 101 Ways To Keep Young Minds Occupied At Home

The following is a taste from Parents, right off the bat, let me say that there is no right way to be feeling about the current situation. Relief, anxiety, excitement, dread are all normal. We’re all figuring this out as we go along and doing the best we can. Virtual high-five! This is not […]

Activity Book for Kids and Families

This is very thoughtful activity book for kids and families showing a light way to use creativity to build resilience during these ‘trail blazing’ times. By Adam JK. Download the Activity Book Here

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid As you think about self-care keep in mind that if you are feeling more stress when trying to achieve or do and activity that is meant for self-care then it might not actually be supporting self-care.  At a time when we are facing something completely new to us and the impact […]

Self-compassion: video series

“When we see a friend (or even a stranger) in crisis or pain, most of us are pretty good at extending our compassion. But when we’re having a hard time in our own lives, too often we neglect to give that same kindness to ourselves. What are we missing in these moments? Self-compassion. This often-overlooked skill […]