Farmers Market Coupons

The Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program provides lower-income families and seniors with coupons each week to spend at the Tuesday Farmers’ Market from June to October. Participants can use the coupons to purchase eligible products including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, cheese, eggs and fresh cut herbs. 

If you consider yourself as a lower-income senior or family you can apply here online.

Each year we require eligible seniors and families who desire to participate in this program to apply on online.  All approved applications are chosen by lottery depending on how many available spaces are determined. Our goal is to provide cooking and skill-building sessions offered by the Harvest Kitchen to further your healthy cooking habits while using seasonal farm foods. 

The program is an initiative of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets in partnership with SSI Tuesday market. The program is supported by community donations, the Province of British Columbia and a generous SSI Community Services donor.

To donate and support a family or senior for the season while contributing to our local farming economy please consider donating now!