Privacy Policy

We know the importance of privacy and confidentiality and treat your personal information with care. All staff follow the guidelines of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Canada) and the Personal Information Protection Act (B.C.).

Information you share will not be released to or shared with anyone outside the organization without your written consent. You will be asked to complete an Informed Consent and Confidentiality Statement when you start receiving services. A worker will make sure you understand your rights to privacy before you consent to service. Our Privacy Officer ensures we follow proper standards, and assists individiuals with privacy concerns or information requests.

We only collect personal information that is needed to ensure that we provide proper service. The amount and nature of information we require depends on the services accessed. You have a right to know what information is needed and how it will be used.

Limits to Confidentiality

We are required by law to disclose information to the appropriate authorities if:

  1. A child is in need of protection
  2. Information indicates a person is at risk of suicide, homicide or other serious harm
  3. A judge or other legitimate official orders the release of information as part of a legal proceeding.

Access to Personal Records

You are entitled to view records we keep regarding you and the services you receive. You can make a request to your worker who will then follow agency procedures to set up the process.

You are not entitled to view information about any other person without their consent. To view information and reports produced by others a request needs to be directly made to that person or agency.

The Complaint and Suggestion and Request for Personal Infomation forms are available here, from program staff or at reception.