Victim Services

Support for Victims of Crime in Partnership with Salt Spring Island RCMP and Other Professionals

Victim Services, working in partnership with the Salt Spring RCMP, offers a variety of services to victims of crime and people dealing with other traumatic events.

RCMP Building Salt Spring IslandThe Victims of Crime Act gives you the right to receive information on:

  • Victim services available
  • Financial assistance and benefits for victims of crime
  • How the criminal justice system works
  • The status of the investigation, court outcomes and the administration of the offender’s sentence
  • Your rights to privacy

The Crime Victim Assistance Act:

If you are injured (physically or emotionally) as a result of certain crimes, you can apply for benefits to assist with costs from the injury.

The Salt Spring RCMP Victim Services provides the following services:

  • Emotional support, practical assistance and referrals
  • Information about the criminal justice system and protective measures, including the Protection Order Registry
  • Updates on the status of the police investigation and justice proceedings
  • Assistance with applications for the Crime Victim Assistance Program
  • Court orientation, support and assistance with Victim Impact Statements
  • Follow-up regarding registering for notification of the offender’s release from custody

Access To Service

Referrals may be made through the investigating RCMP member, other community agencies, or assistance can be obtained by contacting Victim Services directly.


Mail:     Salt Spring RCMP Detachment
401 Lower Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2V4
Phone:  (250) 537-5555
Fax:       (250) 537-1631
Email:   Email Victim Services

Additional Information on Victim Services

VictimLINK: 1-800-563-0808Support and information, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, confidential, multilingual and TTY accessible.
Crime Victim Assistance Program: Lower Mainland: 604-660-3888Elsewhere in B.C., call toll free: 1-866-660-3888


Crime affects us all… be part of the solution. Becoming a Victim Services volunteer assists the local RCMP detachment in providing quality service and crime prevention activities in our community. Working together we can make the community safer.

The Victim Service program has a formal application process with specific volunteer criteria, such as obtaining a RCMP enhanced reliability security clearance, minimum volunteer hours and training requirements. For more information, contact the Program Coordinator.