Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

As you think about self-care keep in mind that if you are feeling more stress when trying to achieve or do and activity that is meant for self-care then it might not actually be supporting self-care.  At a time when we are facing something completely new to us and the impact is so diverse, self-care may look different then what it has in the past.

Allow yourself to take pause and check in with yourself to see how you can really support your Self through this.  Sometimes, when our capacities are full, focusing on our breathe can be all we have room for.  And sometimes the best thing to make room for;

When noticing your breathe give attention to the length of your inhale and to stretching out your exhale.  Deepening your breathe so that you can physically feel your shoulders drop, your belly soften, and a sense of calmness enter your body.

Repeat as often as needed!

Download now: Mental Health First Aid COVID-19 (PDF)