Harvest Food Bank

The Harvest Food Bank provides assistance to individuals, seniors, and families who are dealing with food or financial shortages.  Hunger and food costs affect us all as it strikes in changing times and seasons of our lives.  For whatever the reasons someone is considering receiving food from the Food Bank know that we are here to help provide a safe and confidential process.


  • • Food Bank days are TUESDAYS from 9:30 am to 3:45 pm
  • • Location for pick up: 268 Fulford-Ganges Road, V8K 2K6
  • • ONLINE ORDERING available here: order in advance so all you have to do is pick up!
  • • We can provide delivery for Seniors or Disabled folks. To inquire, please contact us.

Covid-19 has brought many communities in unknowing predictions around jobs, schooling, and health which may bring more people to consider food bank assistance.  We are doing our best to ensure clean and safe product handling as well safety for our staff and clients with physical distancing protocols. 

The Food Bank relies entirely on community donations of food and cash to purchase food.  It has been running on strong volunteer support from the community.  The food bank makes a choice to support local businesses to contribute to the local economy and provide healthy options for its clients.

SSI Community Services is developing new ways to assist people with low incomes access healthy food, but as long as the need exists food banks are critical.   Annually over 9,000 food bags and hampers are distributed.  Approximately 30 percent of the people receiving food are children. The number of people receiving food every week has markedly increased over the last decade. 

Volunteers are a big part of our food programs. If you are interested in volunteering, check out what it’s like to volunteer at the Food Bank or for the Let’s Do Brunch Hot Meal Program.


Canned fish (i.e tuna, salmon, sardines)
Canned meats (i.e ham, chicken)
Canned fruits
Canned soups
Canned beans
Alternative mylks in tetrapacks (i.e. almond, coconut, rice)
Pasta sauce
Canned vegetables (i.e corn, beans, peas)
Canned tomatoes
Cereals (low sugar preferred)
Any gluten free products
Coffee, tea
School snacks for children
Flour, sugar
Personal hygiene items (I.e. body soap, toothpaste, tampons, pads)
Diapers (size 4,5,6)


Ideal days to drop off donations at the Food Bank: Monday and Wednesday’s between 9AM-4PM. Thank you!

Related Food Bank programs:

  • Christmas Hampers are distributed to individuals and families in need the week before Christmas. Individuals and families must register for a hamper prior to November 28th. 
  • Let’s Do Brunch Hot Meal Program takes place Tuesday 9:30 to noon. People are welcome to drop in for breakfast or lunch in the basement of Community Services building. 
  • Donations from gardeners and farmers are welcome and have been a help with providing fresh ingredients to the donated bags.  The best day to drop off food is on Mondays.


Other Food Programs to check out:

Please email the Food Programs Manager, Simone Cazabon at scazabon@ssics.ca or call (250) 537-9971, or visit harvestsaltspring.ca for more information about any of our Food Programs.