Friends Day Programming

Friends provides supported day programming for adults who have special needs. This program helps individuals and their support networks to develop and implement person centered plans to promote health, socialization and community involvement and to teach life skills.

Staff support individuals who live independently, with family or with caregivers.

Participants are integrated into community activities (e.g. swimming, yoga, library, coffee shops, etc) on Salt Spring Island. Off island activities (e.g. horseback riding, bowling) are also provided.

The home base for the program is at the SSI Community Services McPhillips building during daytime hours in Ganges on Salt Spring Island. This space includes multi purpose activity area, kitchen facilities, a private office and a wheelchair accessible washroom.

Person Centered Planning

Staff help individuals identify and highlight their unique talents, gifts, and capabilities in order to develop individual plans. These plans are implemented in order to encourage the learning that shapes and supports their quality of life.

Access to Service

  • Eligibility for funding is determined by the Community Living BC Facilitator and by contacting Salt Spring Island Community Services.
  • Recommendations for acceptance to service are made by the Friends Program Coordinator. Acceptance criteria are outlined in the Participants Handbook.
  • Final acceptance decisions are made by the Program Director.
  • Persons can learn about the organization and its services by contacting the Friend’s Program Coordinator. Visits are welcomed.
  • Please see the Community Living BC Welcome Brochure Here.


Friends Day Programming (250) 537-9924

Community Living Eligibility Facilitator 1 (877) 660-2522

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