Santa’s Workshop 2023

Santa’s Workshop is comprised of a Salt Spring grass roots group of volunteers that come together once a year to buy and distribute gifts and gift certificates to children age 0-12. For parents who feel that providing gifts to their children this Christmas will be a struggle, please apply to Santa’s Workshop.

This year Santa’s Workshop will be taking applications ONLY by phone, and not by online application or through Island Community Services as in the past.

To apply: please phone Victoria Skinner at 250-538-8353 or Wendy Eggertson at 250-537-2658. Please DO NOT leave a message.

If you are unable to get through, please phone again. Applications will be accepted between 9 am and 5 pm, from Monday, Nov. 20 until Fri, Dec. 1.

No late applications will be accepted and duplicate applications will be penalized so be sure you are the only one applying for your children.

Parents of children will be given a time to shop the week of Dec. 11-16 (Mon. morn, Wed. aft or Sat. morn) in the basement of the Baptist Church. Gift certificates will also be provided.