Salt Spring Island Foundation Support

Salt Spring Island FoundationSSICS is happy to announce that it will receive three grants from the SSI Foundation this round:

  1. 5,000 to establish a Ready to Rent program which provides information and coaching to individuals on how to be a good tenant.  One particular focus will be on youth. We also hope to broaden the scope eventually to include education and support for landlords as well.

2. $2,500 for a Celebrating Youth project that will see SSICS, through the Core Inn, take the lead in coordinating a series (3 or 4 per year) of youth activity weeks.  During these designated weeks youth organizations will feature certain activities to showcase their services, and organizations will work together to promote a community understanding of youth and their need for positive community inclusion.  Participating organizationsmay  include, but are not limited to: School District 64, the Salt Spring Island Public Library, PARC, SWOVA and SSICS (Core Inn, climbing wall).

3. $1,800 to help with the development of a Salt Spring Island Housing First Plan (which in many communities, including ours may typically be called a “homeless plan”).  This plan will be an extension of the recent Salt Spring Island Housing Needs Assessment.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Foundation on behalf of all those who will benefit from these important programs.