Point-In-Time Homeless Count 2018

The numbers are in for the 2018 Point-In-Time Homeless Count on Salt Spring Island. The count is evidence of an alarming increase in the number of homeless individuals counted on the island between the count of February 2016 and that of March, 2018.

A total of 131 individuals reflects a 58% increase since the 2016 count of 83, categorized into 3 broad scenarios: Unsheltered, Emergency Sheltered and Provisionally Accommodated.  The latter category includes those couch surfing, in the hospital or a hotel, or in transitional temporary housing.  This category shows the most dramatic rise with a 7 fold increase, illustrating the increasingly common situation of families and individuals utilizing stop-gap measures to prevent either absolute homelessness or leaving the island.

While 26 of the 29 ‘Emergency Shelter’ category were in the seasonal Emergency Shelter at Salt Spring Community Services, the funded shelter season ends March 31, effectively raising the ‘Unsheltered’ number to 89 after that date.

Where People Stayed

Feb 10, 2016  &  March 13th, 2018

Total of Category 2016 Total of Category 2018  % of Total 2018 % Increase 2016-2018
Unsheltered 55 63 48% 15%
Absolutely homeless and living on the streets or in places not intended for human habitation
Emergency Sheltered 23 29 22% 26%
Those staying in overnight shelters for people who are homeless as well as Violence Against Women shelters
Provisionally Accommodated 5 39 30% 680%
Those whose accommodation is temporary and who do not have their own home or security of tenure