Mother’s Wellness Writing Alone Together Group

The concept for this group came from a workshop “Writing Alone Together.” We come together in a group and journal independently on a common theme or prompt and then share our writing with the group if you choose to. Each person has the opportunity to be alone/together with their thoughts. This concept of journal writing together may be a new idea (journaling has always been thought of a private thing). Writing or journaling is often used/taught as a coping tool or therapeutic way to express ourselves and what may be going on.
When journaling in a group setting, people tend to take the time to express themselves and the container for self -expression is strengthened by the group. The time for self- care and care of each participant happens.
It is amazing at how different this process turns out for each person.
Below is an agenda for you to have an idea of what the group would look like; (it is not an hour and a half of full writing).
1.) Check in: a time to connect!
2.) Writing freely: a prompt is given to write about for 10-15 minutes. There is no wrong or right way to write; put the pen to paper and see where it goes.
3.) Time to listen deeply; if participants want to share what they have written they can. It can be enlightening to hear what each one has written.
4.) Collaging: After sharing our writing, we take time to collage alone/together. We provide random magazine images for you to create a visual story however you want. It can relate to the writing cue or not. The creative process can be amazing! (It is like writing without words)
This is an opportunity to take time for yourself and discover: you do not have to be a “writer to have ever been a journal writer or a visual artist.
***There are no expectations for sharing anything if you do not want to. ***
We meet once a month offering a “hybrid” meeting in person and the option to join us virtually via ZOOM.
Our next group will be Wednesday September 22, 2021 6:30-8:00.
If you are interested contact:
Hannah – or Maryanne –
There is no cost for this program