Mothers Wellness Support Group

The program is focused on fostering mothers’ wellness by creating resiliency and expanding community connections.

Our Agenda

Week 1Welcome and Introduction

Week 2Nutrition

¨ Examine challenges surrounding nutrition and the importance of nutrition when recovering from birth 

Week 3Exercise

¨ Join us for a stroller walk and explore other ways to fit exercise into you day

Week 4—Sleep and Rest

¨ Discussion surrounding sleep patterns and the value of sleep

Week 5—Time for yourself

¨ Identify where Moms can create space for themselves to recharge

Week 6—Postpartum depression/anxiety

¨ Moms have a chance to share their challenges and ask questions

Week 7—Supports/support map

¨ Identify existing resources and potential barriers to accessing resources

Week 8—Overall reflections

¨ Review what we have covered.


Join us Wednesdays for 8 weeks starting October 5 to November 23 2022 for the opportunity to gather with other mothers, create connections and share experiences to promote Wellness. 

The group is from 11:00 to 12:30. We will meet alternating each week; online and (weather permitting) in person for a stroller walk.

For more information and to registration please contact:

Maryanne 250-537-9938 or Hannah 250-537-9176