Hunger Count 2023

The Food Banks Canada Hunger Count report, an annual assessment of Food Bank usage,  was released last week with shocking findings. 

According to the report, in March of 2023, there were almost 2 million visits to food banks across Canada representing a 32 percent increase over 2022, the largest increase ever seen and the highest level of food bank use in Canadian history. Since 2019, food bank usage has seen an increase of 78.5%.

According to the report, “relentless inflation and a broken social safety net has caused many people who never thought they would need a food bank to walk through the doors for the first time.”

Salt Spring is no exception and, like other communities, saw food bank use among employed people continue to increase to record levels. A combination of increased usage of food programs by people who can’t make ends meet, and the unprecedented increase in food costs puts immense pressure on financial resources.  The annual Holiday Hamper program for families in need during the holiday season heightens the need even more.

The food bank is powered by volunteers and both dollars and volunteers are in short supply to meet the increased demand. There are a range of opportunities for those who would like to help.

Volunteer for the Food Bank, a little or a lot. The annual Holiday Hamper program represents a monumental effort of dozens of volunteers that are in short supply this year if an ongoing regular commitment won’t fit your schedule.

Attend the Barney Bentall and the Cariboo Express food bank fundraiser, an opportunity to increase the impact of your donation with every dollar matched by the Hawthorne Foundation. You also get an amazing show of stellar musicians.