Fathers’ Wellness Group

This is a group for fathers with children 0-6 years and focusses on fostering fathers’ wellness, creating
a support network, and celebrating the role father’s play in families.

We’d love to meet you every Thursday from 1-2:30pm to come together to learn from each other, strengthen our connections, and share our experiences to build wellness for fathers.

Considered Topics of Discussion:
How Important Your Role Is
To Endure Through
Changing Over and Transitions
Values we Hold (and Value)
Vulnerabilities and Acknowledging Them
Fun and Play for All

The group will run for 6 weeks starting February 24th, 2022 to March 31st, 2022
The group will be a hybrid of zoom meetings and outdoor activities.
Registration is needed and there is no cost for this program

Contact Hannah at Family Place at 250-537-9176 familyplace@ssics.ca or
Michael at 778-353-4729, cell 250-221-9595, mbirkett@ssics.ca