COVID-19 Wind Up (hopefully!)

We have updated our procedures to align with the loosening of provincial COVID-19 protocols on a program by program and site by site basis according to the circumstances of each.

We have found self-screening, masks, cleaning, and social distancing measures to be helpful, and accepted by staff and clients.  They remain as recommended by the Provincial Health Office and advised by SSICS.

We also have found setting limits to group and public spaces and limiting traffic in common spaces to have been beneficial for reasons beyond pandemic protocol in many cases, with some of these measures becoming a part of typical post-pandemic operations.

We have been able to benefit from what may likely be the last distribution of COVID-related funding for organizations such as ours.

  • The Victoria Foundation has provided $ 20,000 for our children’s services;
  • The Salt Spring Island Foundation has added $ 5,000 to our Farmers’ Market Coupon program for families;
  • The federal Reaching Home program has added $ 20,000 for emergency sheltering costs, and;
  • BC Housing has extended its extra Covid-related outreach funding until March 2022. This will enable us to continue using the Seabreeze for emergency sheltering.