Affordable Family Housing Project

Affordable Housing ProjectSalt Spring Island Community Services (SSICS) is planning a new, affordable family housing project for a 5-acre property the organization owns within the Ganges Village area and adjacent to an established trail to Drake Road and Mouat’s Park.

Currently, local families earning between $40K – $60K annually are challenged to find safe, secure and appropriate long-term housing on Salt Spring Island, be it rental or entry-level home-ownership. The consequences include many families with “good paying jobs” living in substandard housing, being forced to move frequently or even seasonally, or deciding to move off island permanently. The negative impacts this has on our community’s schools, economy and overall social wellness are widely known and discussed.

After reviewing the 2009 Housing Needs Assessment, and more recent consultation input and research, SSICS is interested in planning a development for working families on the 5-acre site in Ganges. A maximum of 24 detached or attached homes are allowed under the current zoning. The property’s close proximity to schools and services, location within an existing residential neighbourhood, and natural setting make it an ideal place for people to live.

salt spring map

The Affordable Family Housing Project is in the early stages of planning. The Salt Spring Island Community Services Board has appointed a Housing Committee to investigate options for the site and to oversee the development of a business plan. The Housing Committee is focused on crafting a plan that fosters a strong sense-of-place, promotes sustainability and results in new homes that will remain affordable in perpetuity.

The Housing Committee has completed a housing needs survey in early 2015 and is also reaching out to local real estate and development professionals, and other housing providers to share information and discuss options.