A Wheelchair Van for Vesuvius Home

Vesuvius Home Residents and Wheelchair VanVesuvius Home is a licensed home facility for five special needs adults.

What makes this facility so unique is that these five residents; Joanne, Terry, Chris, Dom and Amy, live as a family in a comfortable wheelchair-accessible house with 24-hour staff provided by Salt Spring Island Community Services (SSICS).

Vesuvius Home is appealing for financial contributions through a GoFundMe campaign to help purchase a much-needed Wheelchair Van costing over $90,000 – a capital expense with no source of funding.

All five residents have complex needs with two of them in wheelchairs. A Wheelchair Van capable of taking all five residents with two wheelchairs is an essential need on Salt Spring Island, where there is no Handy Dart service.

The current wheelchair van, that was purchased used many years ago, has an increasing number of limitations making it no longer appropriate or reliable transportation for the residents. Not only is the van no longer deemed to be dependable with frequent mechanical failure, but the current van only accommodates one wheelchair at a time falling far short of the needs.

The Vesuvius Home residents are in critical need of sound transportation for medical appointments, meet with family and friends, attend church, commute to day programming and to participate in leisure and recreation activities.. Our local special needs individuals enrich the community in important and diverse ways. We are asking you to contribute to the wellbeing, lifestyle and inclusion of these community members

Actual cost is $93,853.95.

Visit the GoFundMe campaign and contribute here!