2022-2023 Annual Report

Island Community Services is pleased to share our 2022-23 Annual Report documenting Island Community Services’ program activities and impacts..

Please view the report for information on the more than 40 services across 10 program areas and 9 sites by clicking on the image to the left to download the PDF file, or by viewing the Flipbook below (Click the flipbook for full screen)



It has been another noteworthy year with several unpredictable turns of event, buffered by a foundation of solid business-as-usual activity that makes up the bulk of programming for the agency.

The economic and cultural dynamics of post-COVID emergence provided some rapidly shifting context as costs escalated at unprecedented rates and the population grappled with fluctuating rules and regulations. Food costs, in particular, have been an enormous challenge for low income people. They also presented a sharp increase in cost for Island Community Services as we strived to deliver food programs for those in need. We encourage you to increase donations to our food programs to help meet this ongoing demand.

The year saw a predicted decrease in COVID-related funding that accompanied increased costs, resulting in negative net revenue for the year. This was offset by significant surpluses in the previous two years and resulted in a neutral position over the longer term. While the financial turbulence has been considerable over the period, Island Community Services has weathered the storm while continuing to deliver the over 40 services that the community relies on.

With the acute housing crisis, the skyrocketing cost of food and basic necessities, and the fragile mental health of our youth population, your continued support for the critically needed services provided by Island Community Services is more crucial than ever and greatly appreciated.

Many of our programs do not receive core funding from the government and rely on your donations to respond to basic needs through our supports and services. Please visit the back of the 2022-2023 Annual Report for information on how you can help.

Please see the Reports and Statements page for previous Annual Reports and audited financial statements.