Farmers Market Coupons

The Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program provides lower-income families and seniors with coupons each week to spend at their local farmers’ market. Participants can use the coupons to purchase eligible products including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, cheese, eggs and fresh cut herbs. Through cooking and skill-building sessions offered by SSICS Food Security Programs participants learn to cook healthy, nutritious meals using locally procured farm products.

To receive coupons participants must enroll with SSI Community Services and participate in skill building activities.

The Salt Spring program is a partnership between SSI Community Services and the Tuesday Farmers Market.  Coupons are also redeemable at participating markets in other communities.

Community Building:

The Farmers Market Coupon program contrbutes to the community in many ways.

The program is an initiative of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets in partnership with SSI Tuesday market. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia and a generous SSI Community Servies donor.

For more information and to find the online application form check out our Harvest website.