People’s Roots

Since 2009 SSI Community Services has been developing a food program called PEOPLE’S ROOTS with vegetable and fruit gardens at numerous program sites, including an acre of farmland in the Fulford Valley.

The gardens are therapeutic environments for SSI Community Services programs, provide introductory gardening and work experience, and contribute fresh organic produce to the Food Bank and other food programs for vulnerable people.

Note- the Community Gardens are not allotment gardens available for rent to the general public, however everyone is welcome to drop by to enjoy and contribute to the spaces.

garden kidPeople’s Roots contribute to a growing movement towards community food security and increasing local production.  SSI Community Services works closely with groups such as the SSI Agricultural Alliance and the SSI Farmland Trust to plan for the future.

People’s Roots currently make up of over an acre of growing area including a large greenhouse and a propagation house.
Farm Location Map

  • SSI Community Services Main Site
  • Shaw Family Community Gardens in  the Fulford Valley
  • Family Place
  • Core Inn


People's Roots at Salt Spring Island Community ServicesTo get involved contact the Food Security Coordinator at 250-537-9971. Donations of time, garden supplies ranging from veggie starts to hand tools, or cash is always welcome.

SSI Community Services Community Gardens have developed as a result of the generosity of the Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation as well as many other local donors and volunteers.


Community Gardens Salt Spring Island