Emotional Resilience Building for Kids 8+

“Experts are suggesting that parents should be cautious about exposing young children to overwhelming COVID-19 information and images. Young children should not watch television and news reports about COVID-19 deaths, numbers, hospital scenes, etc. Such daily and hourly reports are frightening especially to younger children because they cannot fully make sense of what is happening, nor can they recognize new reports from repeated reports. It is recommended that parents ONLY watch such news updates when children are not in the room and are not likely to wander in. Parents should also be cautious about talking to friends and family about COVID-19 details when children can overhear these conversations. Children look to their adults to protect them from emotionally overwhelming content. Parents, too, are reminded to limit their exposure to distressing COVID-19 information repeatedly throughout their day, since these reports can contribute to adults feeling stressed, anxious and depressed.”

This Coronavirus book is an illustrated book that can support parents in how to explain what the Coronavirus means.  The visuals are thoughtful and bring brightness to a challenging topic to explain.

Download now: “Emotional Resilience Building for Kids 8+” (PDF)
-by Adam J. Kurtz