Salt Spring Commons Ground Breaking Ceremony

24 much-needed new affordable rental homes on Salt Spring were officially announced by the BC Government at a ground-breaking ceremony July 16, 2019 for the Salt Spring Commons. “We are working with partners to deliver affordable housing on Salt Spring Island and throughout the province, so people can stay in the communities they choose to […]

Ready To Rent

Extreme weather response shelter opens early

The Salt Spring Island Emergency Shelter is open during the storms of October 13,14, 15 due to a BC Housing announcement that funding would be available to open early due to the extreme weather conditions being experienced in the region currently. The shelter is located at the main Salt Spring Island Community Services site at […]

Point-In-Time Homeless Count Report

On the night of February 10, 2016 there were at least 83 people experiencing homelessness on Salt Spring Island.  The seasonal emergency shelter on Salt Spring Island ended the 2015/16 winter season and closed on March 6, 2016.  As of that date 2400 people had accessed shelter services with an average of 20 people per […]

Emergency Shelter Taken Out of Action

The latest hit on an already overburdened program to shelter Salt Spring Island homeless has taken the facility used for the ‘In From the Cold’ shelter out of action temporarily. “Salt Spring Island Community Services regrets to announce the discovery of the presence of an unhealthy level of mold in the building used by the […]

This Canadian City has Ended its Homelessness Problem

Canadian City Ends Its Homelessness Problem This city ended its homelessness problem, and saved money, by providing housing for every single resident Posted by NowThis on Saturday, 27 February 2016

Salt Spring Island looks for solutions amid high housing insecurity

BRAMWELL RYAN SALT SPRING ISLAND, B.C. — Special to The Globe and Mail Published Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016 9:19PM EST As campers prepare to be evicted from the tent city more than 100 have been calling home for months in nearby Victoria, Salt Spring Island is braced for the possibility that some of them will head their way, […]

Myth: Those experiencing homelessness are mentally ill, drug addicts, or alcoholics

Reality: While it’s estimated 25-50% of those affected by homelessness have mental health or substance abuse problems, many face different challenges. These challenges can be the product of an accident, or brought on by the ever-rising costs of food, rent, medication, and other essentials. Homelessness is not always caused by health issues.  It is often caused by […]

Project Connect

We’ll be hosting the annual ‘Project Connect’ at the Outreach Building at Salt Spring Island Community Services. Project Connect is an opportunity for those who are experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty to connect with the resources, information and some supplies to help alleviate the impacts of living with no permanent home. Service providers, information, care […]

Homelessness Action Week

It’s time to take action to end homelessness on Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands. The Housing First program aims to develop long-term housing solutions for everyone on Salt Spring Island, however, an essential aspect of ending homelessness is providing emergency shelter to those in need.  Every night of the winter on Salt […]